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New WtE product deserves recycling label

Clean raw materials from bottom ash will soon be on the market in large quantities. The waste-to-energy (WtE) plants want them to be classified as recycling, just like the recovered metals, so that they count towards the recycling targets. This would do justice to the facts and promote the use of...

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Waste-to-Energy boosts Europe’s circular economy

The 2016 CEWEP Congress held this June in Rotterdam looked at waste-to-energy (WtE) from a European perspective. Europe benefits from its high-quality WtE plants. Not only do they generate sustainable energy, but they are also needed to support the transition to a European circular economy. Dutch...

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EuRIC makes its presence felt

Although EuRIC is just eighteen months old, it is already an influential partner in the realisation of the EU’s ambitions for the circular economy. Policymakers in Brussels acknowledge the key role the confederation has to play in stimulating high quality recycling of materials and closing the loop...

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New DWMA President: Boris van der Ham

Today, 1 April 2016, Boris van der Ham became the new president of the Dutch Waste Management Association. He was elected by the members of the Association during the Annual General Meeting on 14 March in The Hague. Boris van der Ham takes over from Pieter Hofstra, who has served the Association as...

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16-17 June 2016: CEWEP Waste-to-Energy Congress in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

CEWEP Waste-to-Energy Congress 2016 takes place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on 16 and 17 June 2016. A number of eminent speakers from the Dutch Presidency, the European Commission, the European Parliament, local decision makers, the waste industry and academia will be participating.

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