News from Europe and the waste sector

Striking a balance between substances of concern and the circular economy

The twin ambitions of maximising recycling and minimising hazardous substances in the loop are not always compatible. This is because banning hazardous substances can actually inhibit recycling, while recycling can keep hazardous substances in the loop. The challenge is to find the right balance....

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Annual Review 2016 of the Dutch Waste Management Association

The Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA) publishes its Annual Review 2016 today. It takes the form of a timeline showing the main events and activities by the DWMA and relevant events and developments in the Dutch waste management industry over the past year.

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New EU emission levels for waste installations

The revision of the Best Available Techniques Reference Document for Waste Treatment (BREF WT) is nearing completion. The waste industry now has a final opportunity to propose amendments. ‘Much has been improved since the first draft.’

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Are the new European waste targets and measurement methodology realistic?

In mid-March the European Parliament will vote on the new Waste Framework Directive. The main points of contention are whether the proposed target for recycling 70% of municipal waste by 2030 and the new calculation methodology for recycling are realistic or not. Waste associations in the...

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Dutch WtE plants cooperate with German counterparts

In January the Waste-to-Energy (WtE) section of the Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA) signed a cooperation agreement with the German association ITAD (Interessengemeinschaft der Thermischen Abfallbehandlungsanlagen in Deutschland e. V).

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